Aluminium Back Doors Or Side Doors



Older aluminium doors often have a single, five lever type sashlock fitted, or sometimes a euro cylinder operated sashlock.

If your lock uses a euro cylinder, then make sure that it is as secure as possible. Modern euro cylinders now come with all sorts of extra security features to protect against the common forms of attack. It is well worth upgrading.

Also, it may be worth considering having an additional deadlock fitted, preferably one that conforms to BS3621, and contains 5 levers. Please note that the fitting of additional locks to aluminium doors is quite specialised, and dangerous, if not done properly, and it is not to be undertaken unless you know what you are doing. The locks will often have to be of a narrower size than for timber doors.

Some doors are not suitable to take extra locks, so take care. We are used to working with these doors, and we will of course be happy to fit any extra locks if it is a suitable door.

Multipoint Locking Mechanisms

Usually different to the types fitted to modern upvc doors. Multipoint locks on aluminium doors will probably still operate by means of a euro cylinder.

As we mention above, it is important to make sure that any euro cylinder is as secure as possible, and of the correct size for the door. We can happily upgrade such locks for you.


Unlike timber doors, it is often better to fit surface mounted locking bolts, rather than bolts that mortice into the door. These will give you an extra level of security. If you fit bolts yourself, then take care not to fit them where they are likely to interfere with the mechanism of any existing multipoint lock. If in doubt, we will happily fit them for you.

Cat Flaps

Any unsecured opening into the house presents a risk to security, and cat flaps are no exception.

The risk of a burglar fishing through a cat flap for valuables or keys is high.

For this reason, never leave keys in the locks on these doors, (you shouldn’t leave keys in locks anyway), and never leave keys within reach, or valuables either.

If you don’t now have a cat, then you should fix the cat flap so that it can’t be opened at all. (It’s surprising how many cat-less homes still have working cat flaps)!


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