Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms are a great addition to your home security and they are no longer the reserve of the wealthy.

Inexpensive systems are available that offer many of the features of more professional types.

We often hear people say, “if I get a burglar alarm, people will think that I’ve something worth stealing”.

Hmmm, overall, I think we have to say that this isn’t really the case any more. A few years ago, when alarm systems were considerably more expensive, then perhaps this would’ve been true, but, nowadays, home burglar alarm systems have become a much more common sight, on all types of property.

We think that having an alarm far outweighs the risk of not having one.

Faking It, The Next Best Thing?

If you really can’t justify the expense of an alarm system, then you can still give the impression that you own one.

Dummy bell boxes are available that look just like the real thing. These can be mounted on walls in the same place a a genuine alarm bell box would be. And it is virtually impossible to tell the difference, indeed, some versions even have real working LED lights in them for added authenticity!

This, of course, is no substitute for actually having a proper alarm system installed. So, if you are able to, then please do get one.

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