How To Avoid Becoming Locked Out

If you are reading this section then there is probably a good chance that you have been locked out of your home at some point.

If you have never experienced this misfortune then well done! But beware, it is surprisingly easy to do.

There are many ways in which people find themselves locked out.

Forgot your keys

Easy to do, we’ve probably all done it at some point. You rush to leave the house, and pick up the wrong keys, or no keys at all. This is the single most common reason that most people lock themselves out.

Lost or stolen keys

This can be quite serious. Not only can you find yourself unable to get in. You may find that someone else is able to get in, often with disastrous consequences for your belongings.

Always have your locks changed if this should occur. Don’t forget the other keys that may have been on your keyring too.

Key left in the other side of the lock

Certain locks, especially on pvcu type double glazed doors, are constructed in such a way that the key can only operate one side of a lock at a time. This is normally fine, but, if you leave a key on the inside of the lock when you

New door or lock

If you have had a new door, or maybe a new lock, installed. And you are unfamiliar with the type. You stand a pretty good chance of finding yourself locked out because you may not know exactly how it should work. Many door installers fail to properly explain how to use the features on some locks and doors.

Sometimes, a customer will simply forget that their new lock has new keys.

Lock failure

If you become locked out due to your lock failing to work, then there is probably very little that you can do, except for calling a locksmith. Prevention is much better than cure though. If you are aware that your lock or door is becoming troublesome, or difficult to lock/open, then this is the time to do something about it.

We, as locksmiths, are used to correcting all kinds of lock problems. Often, if a problem is reported to us early enough, we can carry out repairs or adjustments, maybe even replace the lock, to nip any problems in the bud before they become more serious., (And more expensive)!

So, how to avoid becoming locked out?

Always make sure that you have the correct keys with you when you leave home.

Check that there are no keys left on the inside of the lock that might prevent you from using yours when you return.

Never leave your home address on, or with your keys. This reduces the risk that they will get home before you do if they are lost or stolen. Still get the locks changed though, for peace of mind.

If you have a new door installed. Make sure that the installers fully explain how it works, and how it should be used.

When we fit new locks, we always make sure that the customer is completely confident, and knows exactly how it should work.

Make sure that all locks are in good working order. Don’t put off getting “problem” locks repaired or replaced. We are always happy to arrange a visit to provide routine maintenance for your locks.

Never, ever leave keys outside, under flowerpots, doormats, or on a length of string inside the letterbox! These are the first places a burglar will look.

If possible, leave spare keys with a trusted neighbour, friend, or family member, (don’t forget to return the favour, and look after spare keys for them).

If this is not possible, then there are several, really good, key-safe boxes available. These are strong containers that can be bolted securely to a wall.

The security is provided by means of a combination lock, and there is usually room inside for several keys.

Although key safes are secure, we still recommend fitting them out of sight, just in case.

You should always remember to scramble the combination wheels whenever you’ve used the key safe, so that no one else can get in. And don’t forget to always put your spare key back after use!

We can supply a large range of different key safe types, and we will happily install them for you too.

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