Key Cutting

The problem with taking your keys to a shop to be cut, is, that they don’t always work, or don’t work as well as they should.

This is not just inconvenient for the customer, it may also result in problems with the lock concerned.

It is unfair, however, to simply blame the key cutters. Producing a new key when you don’t actually have the lock in front of you will always carry a risk that a problem may go unnoticed.

Most problems with cut keys arise from too much wear on the original key or a copy being taken from a key that itself was a copy.

Remember, a new key will only be as good as the key it was taken from!

Being truly mobile locksmiths, we are very lucky to have all the equipment that we need to cut keys on site. Being able to actually test a copy key in the actual lock allows us to make any adjustments needed, and fine-tune the key so that it will give years of trouble free service.

Unless you have a specialist key with its own code number, a key will be copied by loading the original key, and a blank (uncut), key into a key duplication machine. The machine simply traces the cuts on the original key whilst a blade duplicates these into the key blank.

We don’t claim to be general key cutters, we specialise in the keys for the locks that we supply and fit

We take enormous pride in the cutting of our keys, yes we probably will be a little more expensive than a shop based keycutter

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