Personal Security

Looking after yourself and your belongings.

Taking some simple steps to safeguard yourself and your possessions can make all the difference when you are out and about.

Out And About

Following some simple guidelines will help to keep you much safer when you’re away from home.

Travelling By Car.

Make sure that you know where you’re going. Sat Nav’s are great, but they do break down from time to time. Consider printing a map of your journey, and perhaps a more detailed one of the area around your destination. Google Maps is great for this.

Keep your doors locked whilst travelling.

Make sure that you park your car in a safe place, preferably under the watchful eye of CCTV cameras. If you won’t return until much later, consider what your chosen parking area will be like after dark. Will it be busy or deserted? Is the area going to be well lit?

Public Transport.

Keep your wits about you

At Your Destination.

Keep an eye on your possessions when you’re out and about. Don’t leave bags unattended.

Be careful on public transport, in busy places and isolated places too.

Keep a little something aside for emergency situations.

We recommend that you always keep a little reserve of cash hidden somewhere about your person whenever you are out and about. You may find this invaluable if you are stranded away from home if your possessions are taken. Aim to keep enough cash so that you can get home from wherever you may be.

The other important thing to keep in your “emergency reserve”, is a list of useful phone numbers, written down, and concealed with your reserve of cash.

Your list of numbers should include, home number, spouse/children, friends and family members, work and schools. Other useful numbers would be your bank/building society, in case you need to urgently cancel credit cards or chequebooks.

Make a note of your own mobile number too. This may sound daft, but many people struggle to remember their own number from time to time, (after all, you probably never dial it)!

This list, and cash reserve, may be invaluable if your bag or mobile is stolen. Be sure to update your list regularly, and always make sure that you have it with you. Make sure that family members are suitably prepared too.

If The Worst Happens, Don’t Wait Until You Get Home.

If you’ve lost your bag or had your possessions stolen, act fast. Contact the police as soon as possible.

Arrange to have your locks changed if necessary. If someone’s at home, organise it immediately.

You don’t want your keys getting home before you do!

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