Securing Sheds And Outbuilding

Sheds can be a valuable treasure trove for a burglar, as they often contain valuable items such as garden machinery.

A shed may also contain a variety of tools usable by the burglar to break into your house!

Many timber sheds are fairly lightweight in construction so there may be little point in fitting the world’s best lock to it, but there are several ways to improve the security considerably.

Padlocks are probably the best type of lock to use on most sheds, always aim to use the best quality padlock that you can afford.

A padlock must be used with either a hasp and staple or a padbar.

A hasp and staple comprises two parts. The staple fits to the door frame, and the hinged hasp fits to the door. You simply hinge the hasp over the staple and secure the two parts together with a padlock.

The best hasp and staples are made of hardened steel, and the fixing screws will be concealed when locked together.

A padbolt is much the same as a sliding door bolt, except, it has fixing points to accept a padlock.

Again, a padbolt should be made from hardened steel, and use fixings that can’t simply be unscrewed.

Remember, a padlock is only as secure as the hasp and staple or padbolt that it is used with

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