Securing The Rear Of Your Home

By contrast, the rear of your property should normally be as impenetrable as possible, for, if a burglar is able to gain access, they will often be able to work unnoticed, and for longer periods.

Visibility At The Rear Of Your House

If neighbouring houses can see into your back garden, then make sure that the areas around your doors and windows always remain visible to prevent a burglar from working unseen. Trim back bushes and trees in these areas. You don’t have to sacrifice your privacy, just keep the important areas overlooked.

The Side Gate

As mentioned in the section on securing the front of your property, the side gate is very important.

If a burglar is able to get through your side gate then he/she is free to remove valuables from your garden, or, attempt to gain entry into your house.

The Back Gate

Another vulnerable point in your perimeter. Don’t scrimp on security here

Access To The

Gardening For Security

As with the front of your house, consider planting thorny bushes or shrubs underneath windows to give an extra barrier against intruders

Valuables in your garden

Statues and ornaments all have resale value for a thief, but is is probably impractical to lock them away or secure them in place

Garden furniture and expensive barbeques can also be desirable. Anything that can be locked away when not in use, should be.

If this is not possible, use security cable and a good padlock.  

Locking table and chair sets together. will make removal harder.

Heavy timber tables and chairs can be physically bolted to a concrete patio area if they are to be a permanent feature.

If moving a barbeque inside isn’t practical, then use a heavy duty security chain and padlock, alongside an anchor point, bolted to a concrete patio area, or the wall of the house. This will still allow you to use the barbeque, and it can easily be relocated inside at the end of the season.

Garden Tools

When you’ve finished using them, lock all garden tools safely away in the shed or garage. Garden tools can be expensive items, and therefore desirable quick “steals”. But they can also sometimes be useful as a means of forcing an entry into your house.

Sheds And Outbuildings

Sheds can be a valuable treasure trove for a burglar, as they often contain valuable items such as garden machinery.

A shed may also contain a variety of tools usable by the burglar to break into your house!


If you have a greenhouse that is of sturdy construction, brick and timber for instance. Consider fitting a lock to the door if you keep valuable gardening tools inside.

Many aluminium greenhouses are flimsy structures, but even these can often be secured, perhaps with a chain and a padlock. An intruder is unlikely to want to break the glass due to the high risk of personal injury

Next Section: Securing Sheds And Outbuildings.


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