Securing Your Home From the Outside

Take some time to look at your property from the outside

Have a good look at your house and gardens. Try to see what the passer-by, (and maybe the opportunist burglar) can see.

The object of securing your home and property is to, if possible, dissuade or prevent a burglary from ever taking place, or to throw as many obstacles in a burglars way to make their task as difficult as possible. Do as much as you can, and you really will reduce the risk.

In most cases you will want to treat the front and rear of your property differently.

The front should be highly visible at all times of the day and night, and the rear should be as near to impossible to gain access to, as you can make it.


An exception to these rules would be where the front of your house is hidden, perhaps if your house is well away from the road, isolated and not overlooked. If this is the case, then you should make it as difficult as possible to “get-at”. Perhaps considering security fencing and high gates all around, basically, making sure that your whole perimeter is equally secure.

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Securing The Front Of Your Home

Securing The Rear Of Your Home

Securing Isolated Properties

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