Securing Your Windows

UPVC/ Double Glazed Windows.

Generally, upvc and aluminium double glazed widows will already have locks fitted into the handles. If this is the case then please do make sure that they actually work, and, that you use them.

Some older upvc/ aluminium windows may not have locks. We are able to easily retro-fit suitable locks to these types of window.

Wooden Windows.

As a general rule, all ground floor opening windows, and easily accessible upstairs windows, should have good quality locks fitted. Some insurers will specify that all windows must have locks. Please check your policy requirements.

It is important too, that, even the smallest opening window be lockable. You may think that it is too small to use to gain entry. But it is not unheard of for a burglar to use a small child

We carry a large range of high quality window locks in a variety of colours and styles, for use on casement, fanlight, sash windows or Velux type roof windows.

Louvre windows are especially at risk as the glass panels can be easily removed.

You should consider replacing this type of window. If this is not possible, then, fixing each pane of glass with silicone sealant, or epoxy adhesive so that they can’t be removed, and fitting a window lock to the handle will help to increase the security.

Metal “Crittall” Windows.

These are no more difficult to secure than wooden windows. We always carry locks for this type of window. Different locks are available for the larger “casement” windows, and the smaller “fanlight” versions.

French Windows.

Despite the name, French windows should be treated as doors, with the appropriate types of lock/bolt, see our section on french doors. Oversized windows may also benefit from being treated as doors. Regardless of how you care to classify them, the larger the opening, the more care that should be taken when securing them.

Ventilation Window Locks

We can also supply special locks which allow windows to be securely locked in the open position for ventilation purposes. These should be used with care, and only when someone is at home. Ventilation window locks are available for both timber and double glazed (upvc), window types. These locks are also great for windows to which young children have access, as they prevent the window from being opened far enough for a child to fall out.

Aside from window locks, please make sure that your windows are in a good state of repair. Rotting wood, cracked glass and loose putty all decrease your general security.

Don’t forget to use your window locks! They are of no use otherwise.

Please don’t leave keys in window locks, but do decide on a safe place to keep them. Make sure that everyone knows where window lock keys are kept in case of fire!

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