Security “Myths”

Again and again over the years we have heard the same things said about home security.

This is what we think.

“If  A Burglar Wants To Get In Then He Will”

True perhaps, but only in the minority of cases.

If you live in a vast, sprawling, isolated mansion then you may well stand a greater risk of being targeted. You should plan your home security around this.

For the vast majority of us, however , regardless of whether you live in a one bedroom flat, two bedroom bungalow or 5 bedroom semi will probably find that you are surrounded by similar, if not identical properties.

The harsh truth is that if your house is the only one in your street with poor quality locks, or high hedges that might allow a burglar to work unnoticed, then you stand a greater risk of becoming an easy target than your neighbours.

Take a good look at your street. If you were a burglar, which house would you pick?

“But We Only Rent This House, Why Waste Money Securing It”

Unfortunately, burglars make no distinction between “owned” and rented properties.

Your property is still your property, regardless of where you live!

Having it stolen from a rented property won’t hurt any less.

“I’ve Nothing Worth Stealing”

We hear this one SO often!

Many people underestimate the value of their possessions.

What about that iPod, your stereo, DVD player? All quick “steals” for the average burglar, especially as technology makes them ever smaller and more portable.

Also, jewellery, ornaments, any cash lying around, the keys to that car on the driveway.

Don’t forget too, that in this age of identity fraud that your house probably contains all manner of documents/certificates, passports etc.

All worth a few bob no doubt.

It isn’t our aim to scare you, but rather, to get you to think about your own security measures. Often, just improving upon what you already do can be enough. Good security doesn’t always have to be expensive!

For advice and tips on improving the security of your home and valuables, be sure to check out our online guide to home security

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