Security Upgrades

For the most part, many of us never think twice about the locks fitted to our doors, (until they go wrong)! But we shouldn’t make the mistake of just accepting that, because we’ve never been burgled, that they are necessarily up to the job.

Why Upgrade?

Making sure that you have decent, secure locks is vitally important, both for security reasons, and to comply with your home insurance policy requirements.

Put simply, having the incorrect locks will invalidate your insurance policy, and may also mean that you are easier to burgle.

What Can, And Should Be, Upgraded?

Wooden Doors

Timber doors fitted with Yale type, nightlatch, locks only, should be fitted with a decent deadlock conforming to British Standards 3621.

Any low security mortice locks, typically 3 lever types, should be upgraded.

Look at the face plate of the lock, located on the edge of the door. It will usually state the number of levers that the lock contains, 3 levers, 5 levers etc.

The best, and most suitable, locks will be stamped with a kitemark symbol, and should comply to BS3621. If your lock does not carry this mark, (timber doors only), then you should consider an upgrade.

Even locks that carry the BS3621 kitemark, may be out of date, as these certifications are updated periodically. The year of certification will usually be given, for example:

BS 3621:1980

BS 3621:1998

BS 3621:2004

BS 3621:2007. This is the latest update.

Although the year of certification is not quite as important as actually having a BS3621 lock in the first place, it is still good to upgrade if you are able to, as this will ensure that you have the latest features. (Check your insurance policy too, are they specifying that a lock must be certified too a particular year)?

UPVC Doors.

Older, double glazed doors often have less secure locking mechanisms, when compared with more modern versions.

We can often upgrade these mechanisms for far less than the cost of a new door.

Also, the technology used in the locking cylinders has improved as well. This is to keep up with the growing number of ways that criminals are finding, to defeat these cylinders. It is well worth upgrading.

Upgrading your security can often also involve changing the ways that you use the products that you already have. We have compiled a guide, we hope that you can take a little time to read it, (the link is below).

We hope that you will find ways to improve on your security, and if you need our assistance, we are only a phone call away.

For the best advice on security for your home, be sure to read our,
Lock Express Guide To Home Security.

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