Sliding Patio Doors & Bi-Fold Doors

Sliding Patio Doors

The sheer size of sliding patio doors adds to their vulnerability, as well as being a desirable exit for a burglar with large items to remove!

Some patio doors feature one sliding door and one fixed window section, but on some doors, both sections will slide.

Most modern sliding patio doors are fitted with locking mechanisms, but some older examples just have a non-locking catch. Very old versions may be too narrow to accommodate a decent lock, and, great care should be taken to make sure that they are properly secure.

It is important to ensure that existing locks are in good working order, with the correct type and size of cylinder fitted.

Patio door bolts should be considered too. These work in much the same way as window locks, and require a key to open. Some insurance companies actually specify that patio door bolts be fitted.

For the best security, patio door bolts should be fitted to both the top and bottom of any moving door section.

Anti-lift devices are another great way to protect sliding patio doors. Anti-lift devices are little more than blocks fitted into the upper track of the door. These devices work by preventing the door from being lifted out of its tracks. Another great security product that, once fitted, you never have to think about again!

Bi-Fold Doors

You’ve probably seen them, you may even own one. Large, concertina type wooden doors that are becoming ever more popular.

Some of the examples that we’ve seen, however, are fitted with very poor locking systems that are worryingly easy to force open. All a burglar has to do, is to compromise one section, and the door will often just slide open.

The first requirement for securing bi-fold doors is ensuring that the main lock is up to the job. Sometimes it is necessary to replace the existing deadlock with a hookbolt type lock. A hookbolt deadlock will actually claw into the frame rather than just sliding out.

The addition of locking bolts to each moving section of the door will also greatly increase the security. Locking bolts can be obtained that are keyed-alike, that is, all of the bolts will be operable with the same key.


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