“Stable” Type Back Doors Or Side Doors

Stable doors are quite common, the door is divided into two parts, with the upper section opening first. Generally it is only possible to open the lower section once the upper section is open, but some doors have little to protect the lower section from being forced.

Obviously, the upper section should be fitted with a lock as a matter of course, but it is far better to treat a stable door as two individual doors, and fit locks to both.

Wooden Stable Doors

On wooden stable doors, the upper section should usually be fitted with a 5 lever mortice sashlock conforming to British Standards BS 3621, (a sashlock has a latch as well as a deadbolt to enable the door to be closed shut, the deadbolt is locked with a key, and the latch bolt works with door handles).

The lower section should be fitted with a 5 lever mortice deadlock that conforms to BS 3621. A mortice deadlock does not require door handles, just a key.

For your convenience, we locksmiths can fit both locks and arrange for them to both use the same key.

It is also a good idea to secure both sections of the door together, by means of a locking bolt.

Upvc Stable Doors

Upvc stable doors typically use a multipoint mechanism on both sections of the door. As these mechanisms are operated by euro cylinder type lock barrels, you should make sure that these lock cylinders are as high security as you are able.

Again we can supply and fit both locks to work with the same key, (known as keyed-alike).


As stable doors open outwards, it is important that you take steps to prevent an attack on the exposed hinges.

You should make sure that hinge bolts are fitted to stable doors, on both the upper and lower sections. Hinge bolts simply connect with the door frame when the door is closed. If someone forces or cuts through the hinges, the door will be prevented from simply being lifted out

Some upvc versions of stable doors will already be fitted with devices to prevent the doors from being removed from the hinge side. If not, hinge type bolts specifically for upvc doors can be retro-fitted.

As with other styles of door, stable doors will also benefit from the addition of locking bolts-top and bottom.


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