The Lock Express Locksmiths Guide To Home Security


We have compiled a short guide detailing good practice with regards to your home and personal security, the products to use, and how to best use them.

A lot of the information simply relates to common sense and ideas on

Many of the security products mentioned can be purchased from us, and we can arrange to fit them for you if required.

Please take the time to read as much of this guide as you are can.

We have tried to make this guide as user-friendly as possible, but we realise that it can still be a daunting subject to tackle. For your sake, do try!

Please remember that everyone’s home and lifestyles differ.

You may find that some of the advice given does not apply to you, but that other things do

Unfortunately, too many people choose to dismiss the important points of home security. Preferring instead to say “if a burglar wants to get in then he will”.

As the majority of burglaries are committed by opportunists, often it really does boil down to, “how secure are you compared to your neighbours?”

We think that much of the advice that we give here, if implemented, will stand a good chance of dissuading a potential burglar early on, even before he’s decided to try breaking in to your home.

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Guide To Home Security

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Burglary-Who’s At Risk?

Security For Your Doors

Security For Your Windows

Securing The Outside Of Your Property

Securing Sheds & Outbuildings

Securing Your Garage

Security Lighting

Burglar Alarms

Security Inside The Home

Protecting Your Valuables

Home Safes

Your Insurance Company & You

Security When You’re At Home

The Caller AtYour Door

Security When You’re Not At Home

Security For All Seasons

Holiday Security

Vehicle Security

Personal Security

Fire Safety

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