Van Security

Items On Display

As with all vehicles, keep any valuables out of sight when your van is unattended.

Glazed Windows/ Bulkheads

Depending on what your van is used for of course, keeping the rear compartment as secure as possible is always a good idea.

Avoid vans with glazed rear windows if you can. These can be easily smashed to give someone access, and they can provide a good view of what’s on offer inside. Tinted window films can be easily applied to obscure the view, and window grilles may offer extra protection.

We always choose vans that have a solid steel bulkhead between the cab and the storage area, this makes entry into the rear impossible if someone should get in by smashing a cab window. Our vans have a double locking facility, whereby the doors can only be opened with the key.

Stuff On The Roof

Keep any items stored on a roof rack under lock and key whenever possible. Ladders and tools can be secured with security chain or cable. Don’t forget to make sure that the roof rack itself can’t be easily removed. Pipe tubes should have the end caps secured by padlocks.

Remove any items such as magnetic beacons and worklights when not required. Permanent mount beacons and lightbars should be mounted in such a way that they can only be unbolted from the inside of the vehicle.

Signwritten Vehicles

Vehicle graphics can be an absolutely brilliant way of advertising your product or services, in fact it will probably be the largest advertising tool that you have. It is, however a “double edged sword”, as any sign writing will tell the world exactly what it is that you do, what your van is used for, and, more importantly, what’s likely to be in it!

No Tools Sign

We don’t know, we just don’t know! You’ve seen the signs, “No tools stored on this vehicle overnight”. Etc.

Some people reckon that this draws attention to the fact that there may be tools in there, after all, how many people actually do remove all tools and valuables, especially once they’ve got that little sign! Perhaps a sign saying, “Only really crappy tools and cheap nasty stock carried on this van”, would be more to the point!

Whichever way you decide to play this one, make absolutely sure that you do get into the habit of removing as many tools and as much stock as is possible when you leave your van overnight.

Additional Locks

Fitting additional locks that work independently of your vans existing locks may help to secure your van further. Some locks are available that mortice into the doors themselves. Other types of lock may be surface mounted, and locked with a padlock or an integral lock mechanism.

On The Move

Lock your doors when you’re driving around. Don’t risk stopping at traffic lights only to find that someone has your back door open and nicks your toolbox before you can do anything about it. If you have central locking then simply press the appropriate button, if not, remember to manually lock the rear doors before you set off.

If you’re at work with your van, make sure that you lock it down whenever it is unattended. If you’re working in the back, then ensure the cab is locked.


Ideally, you should keep your van securely locked in a garage if at all possible. This is of course only really practical if you have a car sized van, as larger, or high roofed vehicles will rarely fit.


You should of course have van insurance. Check to see what is covered and when. Are your tools and stock covered overnight?  Make sure that you read the policy requirements carefully, and carry out any necessary instructions to bring your vehicle up to scratch. Failure to comply with any requirements may invalidate your policy!


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