Wooden Back Doors Or Side Doors

Back or side doors are often left in a vulnerable state because people tend to concentrate their security efforts on the front door. This

5 Lever Mortice Sashlocks and Deadlocks

Remember, there is no rule to say that you can only have one lock!

Adding a second lock can only increase the security value of the door if fitted correctly. We can also often arrange for two or more locks to work from the same key for convenience.

Multipoint Locks

Normally the same as, or very similar to, the mechanisms fitted to upvc doors. The drawbacks are the same too. To give the best possible service, any mechanism must be in good working order, and be used properly. Also, remember that no matter how complicated the mechanism is, it will probably only be operated by a single euro lock cylinder. If someone is able to defeat the cylinder, then they can operate the whole mechanism.

For this reason it may be wise to consider upgrading an old euro cylinder to one with better attack resistance.

Additional Security


Bolts that require a key to open them are preferable to simple slide bolts, and much more secure.

There are two main types. The mortice rack bolt mortices into the door edge leaving only a small key hole visible on the surface of the door. The second type mounts to the surface of the door and has a large sliding steel pin which fixes into the frame.

We tend to find that people prefer the mortice rack bolt type, as it’s a little easier on the eye, but both types are good choices.

Hinge Bolts

These are simply studs that fix to the frame side door edge. They are essential on outward opening doors, as they protect the door against being removed should the hinges be attacked. They are also useful in reinforcing the hinge side against forcing on inward opening doors.

Cat Flaps

Like letter flaps, cat flaps can give a would be intruder access to the inside of your house, where he/she might be able to reach in to take keys or valuables.

Never leave the keys on the inside of a lock, always remove them. Don’t leave keys nearby or in view.

If you don’t have a cat, (and many cat flap owners don’t), then seal over the cat flap to make opening impossible.


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