Furniture Lock Opening

We often get called upon to open furniture locks when keys go missing. We can open all types, both antique and modern.

Modern Office Type furniture.

Losing your keys can be a headache, but it needn’t be.

Give us a call and we will get your desk, filing cabinet or whatever, open, with the minimum of fuss.

Whether it’s your desk at home, or the filing cabinet that your office can’t function without. We are only a phone call away.

Antique Furniture.

We often get called in when keys go missing, whether it’s during a house move, or perhaps due to “helpful”, grandchildren removing and losing them. We feel equally “at home” with 100+ year old locks as we do with the very latest types.

Worried about damage to the lock or furniture?

Don’t worry, we have a 100% non-destructive opening policy when it comes to dealing with precious, antique items. We treat every lock with the respect that it deserves and we never, ever force a lock open. We are also careful to protect the area surrounding the lock from damage that could occur during the opening procedure.

If we can’t open your lock, (and this is rare). Then you pay nothing, simple as that.

Call your local locksmiths on the number below:

Cranleigh   01483 271302      Dorking  01306 519029

Haslemere 01428 769032      Horsham 01403 839034