Locked Out, (Or In)?

Don’t Panic, Do Call Us!

For those unfortunate times when you find yourself locked out, or lose your keys.

We can get you back in!

We aim to get you back in as quickly as possible, and with the minimum of fuss.

We use many different lock opening tools, and are experienced in many different lock opening techniques. Wherever possible we will open your door with no damage to the lock or door. There are very few locks that frighten us!

Beware Of Locksmiths Who Sound “cheap”!

Some locksmiths quote low labour charges, but then proceed to drill out your lock, forcing you to buy a pricey replacement.

We always operate with a fixed, one off, labour charge. This means that the price won’t steadily increase if the job takes a little longer than usual. That way, we can concentrate on doing the job properly, and you don’t have to watch the clock!

How We Get You In.

We obviously can’t say too much, for security reasons, but we have a vast collection of specialist tools to bypass most lock types, and we have years of door opening experience and knowledge.

Do we drill locks?

99 times out of 100 no! We specialise in non-destructive entry techniques wherever possible.

Drilling a lock is always a last resort. An exception to this may be when a lock has actually broken or developed a fault.

Response Times.

Some locksmith companies and call centres give vastly unrealistic promises when it comes to the important matter of when they can get to you. We know this because, many years ago, we used to accept work from some of them. We stopped working for them as soon as it became apparent that the customers were being badly misled.

We can never tell how busy we’re going to be. That’s why we never advertise 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute response times.

We will, however, be completely honest with you when you call us.

If at all possible, we will always aim to get to you within 30 to 60 minutes, or hopefully sooner.

But if we really don’t think that we’ll be able to get to you in a sensible length of time, then we’ll let you know, sooner rather than later, so that you can decide whether you need to try elsewhere.

Don’t forget to read our section on how to avoid locking yourself out, for some useful tips and advice.

Locked Out? Call:
01483 271302-Cranleigh
01306 519029-Dorking
01428 769032-Haslemere
01403 839034-Horsham

If you require our assistance, then please give us a call on one of the numbers below.

Locked out in cranleigh?    call 01483 271302
Locked out in Dorking?      call
01306 519029
Locked out in Haslemere? call
01428 769032
Locked out in Horsham?    call
01403 839034

Call your local locksmith on the number below:

Cranleigh   01483 271302      Dorking  01306 519029

Haslemere 01428 769032      Horsham 01403 839034