Need A New Lock, Don’t Need Us To Fit It?

We don’t have a shop, we operate a purely mobile locksmith service, but don’t let that put you off.

We carry literally 100’s of locks in stock, and can quickly source 1000’s more.

In many cases we will be able to drop a lock off to you on our travels. Sometimes it will be more convenient to pop it in the post, or, arrange to have it delivered to you direct from our suppliers.

DIY Locksmithing. An Easy Task?

Locks have a habit of evolving. Even direct replacements for certain locks may bear little resemblance to their original incarnations.

We will endeavour to inform you if you are likely to encounter such difficulties with a new lock.

Basic carpentry skills and a good selection of tools are often needed when fitting locks yourself.

Even something as simple as a lock manufacturer moving the position of screw holes slightly, can cause complications when fitting a replacement, (we know, we deal with problems like this all of the time, and we know the headaches that this can cause).

Perhaps you are keen to “have a go”, but don’t know where to start.

We can recommend the best types of lock to fit for all door and window types, and more information on this can be found in our guide to home security.

There is no doubt that doing it yourself can be a very rewarding experience, but don’t forget that we are always there to help if you feel that you need assistance.

Don’t Live In The Areas That We Cover?

If you happen to have found our website, but you live outside of the Surrey/Sussex area, don’t worry, (and thanks for stopping by)! We frequently despatch locks to customers all over the UK. It’s no problem to us, we’re happy to help.