Burglary-Who Is At Risk?

In Short, Everyone!

It doesn’t really matter whether or not you live in a bedsit, or a stately home.

Even the most humble of homes will probably contain at least some items of value, and, if the conditions are right, a burglar will think nothing of paying a quick visit to relieve you of them.

Burglary is nothing new. It has existed in some form or other since the dawn of time. It has become more sophisticated though, and everyone should address the risks to lessen the chances of becoming yet another statistic.

The good news is, that, there are many things that can be done to lessen the risks, (or remove them altogether), and even people with a modest budget can really make a difference with a bit of careful planning.

What Makes A House Vulnerable, Or Safe?

Many things determine this. We have listed the most common.

Doors And Windows.

A great many burglaries occur through insecure, or open, doors and windows

Poor Security Practises.

Quite simply, having locks and other security products and failing to use them properly for instance.

Location, Location, Location.

Do you live in a busy street or a quiet country lane? Is your home hidden, or visible from the road?

Your Neighbours.

Do you have neighbours or is your house isolated? What type of people live in your street, are most of your neighbours away at work during the day?


Can a burglar get access to the rear of your house? Does your house back on to a footpath, playing field or parkland? Can a burglar work unseen at the front of your property? Do you leave upstairs windows open that are accessible from flat roofs? If so, you are at greater risk.

Unoccupied Homes.

Burglars like empty houses. Obviously it may be impossible to be there all of the time, but taking steps to give the impression that someone’s always at home, can really help.

Large Houses.

Most security guides “harp on” about the fact that most burglaries are opportunistic. But if you happen to be wealthy, and live in a house that suggests this, then you may find that you are actually at risk of being deliberately targeted. You should make sure that you take as many steps as possible to enhance your home security. Remember, burglary isn’t a certainty, it can still be avoided.

Within this guide we will try to give advice on how to reduce the security risks listed above.

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