Securing Your Doors

Making sure that your doors are secure is a great starting point when reviewing your home security. We frequently find that people tend to concentrate their security efforts on their front door, often leaving rear and side doors inadequately protected.

Don’t forget that front doors are often the most visible, and therefore perhaps less likely to be targeted than hidden back or side doors, where a burglar might work unnoticed!

Not everyone uses their front door as their main “final exit” door. This should be bourne in mind when choosing security products. For instance, bolts are less useful on a final exit door, as you can’t lock them from the outside. It may be better to fit an extra deadlock. How you use your doors will determine the best security products to fit.

As there are many types of door used in homes, we won’t bore you with all the details for all of the types here. You possibly have several different types in your home though, so please do check the information we provide for each type that you have.

Please begin by choosing the first door type that applies to your home, from the list below

Front Doors-Wooden
Front Doors-UPVC
Front Doors-Aluminium
Back Or Side Doors-Wooden
Back Or Side Doors-UPVC
Back Or Side Doors-Aluminium
“Stable” Type Doors
French Doors/Double Doors
Sliding Patio Doors & Bi-Fold Doors
Internal Doors & Internal Garage Doors
Other Types Of Door
If you live in an apartment block, then please refer to our section:

security advice for apartment doors

If you would like to know the reasons why we recomend certain products for doors, please see our section: Attack Methods Used Against Locks And Doors, for more information.

When you are satisfied that you have read the relevant information regarding all of the door types in your home, click the “Next Subject” button to continue to the next section in this guide

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