Security For All Seasons

The Spring/Summer Months

We are, of course, lucky that our spring and summer months consist of virtually nothing but long warm, sunny days that seem to stretch on forever! (Ok, this is rarely the case), but even short warm spells can mean that we throw home security out of the window. (Literally)!

When the temperature rises it is natural that we want to open doors and windows for ventilation.

Please make sure that you always close and lock windows and doors whenever you go out.

Even if you are just making the most of the sun in the back garden, it is wise to close and lock any door or window that could be used by an opportunist burglar. Remember, an opportunist burglary only takes a matter of minutes.

We have unfortunately come across cases of people being burgled during hot summer nights because they have neglected to close downstairs windows before going to bed.

By all means keep your bedroom windows open for ventilation at night, if it is safe to do so. The smaller, fanlight type windows are best for this. Larger casement windows can be left open, but it is a good idea to have special, restrictor type window locks fitted. (These allow a window to be locked in a semi-open position).

Bedrooms that are above flat roofed areas, or other areas that an intruder may climb, should be viewed as more vulnerable, and secured accordingly.

Ground floor bedrooms are even more vulnerable. If you must open windows at night then please only use the smaller windows, locked in the just-open position by means of a window restrictor lock. Make sure that any larger adjoining windows are locked to prevent someone reaching in to open them.

A far better idea is to invest in an electric fan or portable air conditioning unit.

Don’t forget too, to check that you have closed any car windows/sunroofs, before you lock up.

The warmer months of the year also tend to bring us more cases of doors and locks failing to work properly. As the weather warms up, doors often tend to expand a little. Sometimes this results in difficulties closing/locking the door. If reported to us early enough, most problems can be rectified with the minimum of fuss and expense, however, problems that are left unresolved can often become much more serious.

The Autumn/Winter Months

Darker mornings and evenings mean that it is more likely that people will be able to see into your property. Make sure that you begin to close curtains and blinds as the evenings draw in.

Don’t forget that darkness makes it easier for a burglar to work unnoticed, so, make sure that outside lighting is employed as a deterrent.

If you use timer switches to operate security lighting, or, indoor lights, don’t forget that you will probably need to adjust the times that they operate on.

The Festive Season

During the period leading up to, and immediately after Christmas, you should make sure that your home is as secure as possible.

There may be greater risk of burglary at this time as, house will often contain all sorts of valuable gifts, food and drink.

Presents left under the Christmas tree can be a tempting sight for a would-be burglar, especially as Christmas tree lights naturally draw attention to the area.

In our household, presents only appear under the Christmas tree, (as if by magic)! by Christmas morning itself.

Travelling to friends and relatives during the festivities, leaving the house unattended, also blah.

Make sure that you keep the house looking occupied, use lights controlled with timer switches, and have a friend or neighbour close the curtains/blinds for you.

Try to keep your departure as low-key as possible. The fewer people who know that you’re away, the better.

After Christmas has passed you still need to be vigilant, don’t leave clues around as to what you have been given. Any boxes from expensive gifts should be discreetly put into the recycling bin, not just left lying around outside.

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