You, And Your Insurance Company

Check your insurance policy carefully! TODAY!

This is extremely important.

No matter how good your locks, or how carefully you take your home security.

If you do not meet the requirements laid out in your insurance policy. Then you will not be covered should the worst happen.

Please, please check your policy today!

Different insurers may have different requirements. What is ok for one insurance company may not be enough for another, so do check. (Important too, if you’ve switched providers)!

Find your current policy details. If you can’t, then contact your insurer and ask them to send you a copy.

When you have these details, check them and double check them.

Make sure that you take action on anything that requires it, and quickly! Always aim to exceed the requirements asked.

Typical insurance requirements may be for Door and window locks of a certain type or standard.

Some insurers specify window locks on all windows, whereas, some only require locks on ground floor or accessible windows.

Requirements for door lock types may vary wildly too.

Insurers may sometimes request safes. These often have to be of a certain security rating, it is important to make sure that any safe that you have complies.

Occasionally, you may come across an unusual door or window which does not seem to fall within your policy requirements. It is important that you notify your policy provider, and seek their advice.

Always ask for written confirmation if you do encounter such a thing.

Remember. If you do change insurers, please take the time to look at any differences in security requirements the new company may have.

The greater your security, the less likely you are to have to make a claim. Demonstrating that you have a greater level of security may mean that you can negotiate a better premium!

Don’t forget, your insurance company’s minimum security requirements are just that, The MINIMUM! Quite simply, this is the lowest level of security that your insurers will accept from you when insuring your home and contents. Always aim to exceed these requirements whenever you can.

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