Security When You’re At Home

Just because you’re at home doesn’t necessarily mean that someone won’t try to gain access to your house. The risk of this is low however, as visible signs of habitation are normally enough to put most opportunist burglars off.

The risk may be higher at night, as a burglar may be able to quietly slip in and remove your possessions while you sleep unaware upstairs.

Generally though, most burglars will not want to run the risk of bumping into householders, day or night, and will much prefer empty properties. Don’t tempt fate though, always be vigilant.

During The Day


During the day, try not to leave too many vulnerable windows open and unnatended, especially larger windows that may be easily accessible for a burglar to climb through. Smaller windows can be fitted with special window locks that allow the window to be locked in an open position, just enough for ventilation.


As with windows, don’t leave any accessible door unlocked and unattended

At Night


All downstairs windows should be closed and locked overnight. The same should apply to upstairs windows that are accessible from flat roofs, drainpipes etc


Make sure that your doors are securely locked and bolted at night

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