UPVC Back Doors Or Side Doors

Make sure that your door is in good working order. Poorly fitting doors, or locks that are difficult to operate, all reduce the security value of the door, and may also lead to the untimely failure of the parts concerned. Always have any door and lock problems seen to, before further problems arise.

Multipoint Locking Mechanisms


The Euro Cylinder

This is the lock barrel or cylinder that locks the multipoint mechanism. Make sure that you have the best one fitted that you can afford, as it, alone, operates the whole multipoint mechanism.

Newer euro cylinders offer protection against a whole host of attack types, and are really worth the money.

Additional Security Products


Sashjammers are simply the equivalent to bolts for upvc doors. Because upvc doors tend to overlap their frames, bolts usually can’t be fitted.

Sashjammers simply fix to the frame, with a hinged arm that passes over the door edge to prevent the door from opening.

Versions are available that are both locking and unlocking, and several colours exist too, to blend in with the door and existing door furniture.

Hinge Protection

If you have a upvc side or rear door that opens outwards, then it will be vulnerable to an attack on the exposed hinges. To compensate for this, special fittings that vjhvjvh when the door is closed can be fitted. Ideally, these should be fitted when the door is installed, but in practice, this does not always happen. Don’t worry though, they are fairly simple to retro-fit.

Cat Flaps

Although great for letting the cat in and out. A cat flap can sometimes be used to reach inside your property to grab keys or other valuables.

Keep keys out of sight and well away from the door area. Never leave keys on the inside of your lock.

Seal the cat flap up if you don’t have a cat.


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