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Additional Locks And Fire Safety

When buying a motorcaravan from new, you should always check to see what security features have been built in, and it is well worth specifying any optional security extras that a van converter may offer.

If you have an older or second hand van, then there are plenty of retro-fit security features that you can add to make safer.

Security Marking


The Absence from Your Driveway

Some people use their motorcaravans as everyday vehicles in addition to holiday outings, especially the smaller panel van conversion types. Many more people only take their vans out when going on holiday.

Unfortunately, the absence of your ‘van acts as a really good indicator that your house may be empty, and therefore a great target for a burglar. We can think of several people who own motorcaravans near to where we live, and, even though we don’t know these people personally, the very fact that their vans sometimes disappear, leaving their houses looking “different”, is enough to suggest that they are away. A local burglar may notice this too!

Please read our tips on leaving your home safe while you are away, for advice on what you can do to lessen the risks.

When You’re Away

This is a whole subject in its own right. We have, therefore, prepared some security advice which can be found in our section on camping holiday security.

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