Other Door Types

We have covered most of the common door types in use today. But there are a few more unusual variations available.

Steel “Crittal” Doors

Usually all steel and glazed doors. Crittal doors are usually fully glazed with a narrow metal frame.

Composite Doors

Composite doors are doors constructed from more than one type of material.

Often a composite door will feature a core made of softwood or wood fibre construction. On the outer face may be a steel or upvc type skin.

The type of locks fitted to composite doors vary too. Some doors use traditional type nightlatch and mortice deadlocks, normally used on wooden doors. Whereas, some doors use multipoint locking mechanisms.

In most cases, the advice given for wooden front doors and wooden back or side doors will be appropriate.

If you have a door type that we have not listed in this guide, then please contact us for further advice.


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